Background Information

Domenic Johasson is a 9 year old home educated child who, on the 25th of June, was taken or "kidnapped" by the state police of Sweden.
 It was exactly 2 years and 4 days ago he was taken. Police in plain clothing boarded the plane when Domenic was aboard with his parents, they were going to India and these men grabbed the boy and took him away, this, for the parents this is very, VERY traumatising as much as it is for a child who is 7 years old. 
The boy remains held. Home educating was made illegal only last week. They also claimed that the boy did not have vaccines (not illegal) and two baby teeth cavities which they were going to treat in India. Many people are campaigning in many ways and via Facebook, Twitter and so on. Domenic is still living apart from his family. And home education is an alternative that has been proven successful in many occasions. It is feared by all children to lose their parents, we are all lucky because we are loved.
 I'm a home educated, 10 year-old boy speaking for children and I will not let this continue! 
Domenic Johasson deserves to be loved, to be with his family.


What we all need to remember is that there is still hope and we can help him. So why shouldn't we ?! Many actions have been done over these years but unfortunately nothing has changed so we need to take it to the next level. This is a very serious and infamous case, but it has already been 2 years!  I might be only 10 but it is not just me and we will not let this continue. So all there is to say is... Return Domenic Johasson To His Family! 

Written by; Euan Macdonald Ricoy.

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